Dabangg Brings Pakistani Moviegoers Back To Theaters

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Dabangg Brings Pakistani Moviegoers Back To Theaters

Bollywood movies were banned in Pakistan during this Eid. As a result, Salman Khan Starrer Dabangg, the biggest Bollywood attraction during the festive season, could not be released in Pakistan. However, the movie has now got a delayed release in that country and the fans of Salman Khan are pouring into the theaters.

The number of moviegoers in Pakistani theaters fell down in last month with the ban on Bollywood releases.

A booking clerk called Rizwan of Cinestar cinema in Lahore, was quoted saying that with the return of Indian movies, the family viewers are also returning to the cinema halls. He added that more than 70 percent of the hall was full during all the shows of Dabangg.

The theatre owners are in the opinion that the Pakistani film industry produces only a few low-budget movies every year and they fail to do much business at the box office.

Gulistan cinema’s owner Arif Khan was quoted saying that during the first nine months in 2010, Pakistan has produced hardly 8 to 10 movies while 25 to 30 Indian films have been released during this time.

Apart from Dabangg, the other movies like Housefull, I Hate Luv Storys and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai have also done good business at the box office.

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