B2ST on their comeback

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B2ST on their comeback

Group B2ST has returned with their 3rd mini album, “Mastermind.”

In a recent interview, the members expressed that they were upset with not being able to live up to the hype created around their comeback. Having already earned much attention with “Bad Girl” and “Shock,” the group still felt that there was 2% missing. With “Soom,” the boys expressed a strong sense of determination to reach the top this time no matter what.

Doojoon stated, “It’s been a year and a lot more people recognize us. We’ve also gotten a lot of new fans as well. I still feel like something is missing though. We’re still 2% away from being complete. I hope that this promotion cycle fulfills that last 2%.”

Junhyung continued, “Going to the broadcast halls feels a lot more comfortable now as well. It helps us feel more confident on stage.”

Regarding their killer rehearsal schedule, Yoseob answered, “Lately, we’ve began to realize that winning first place isn’t important at all. If we’re not satisfied with what we’re presenting, won’t our fans feel the same as well? We’re working that much harder to make sure that we have every last detail covered. We rehearse, and rehearse.”

On the choreography for “Soom,” Hyunseung stated, “I think one can only feel our performance in its entirety by watching the choreography along with listening to the song. Our new choreography is a lot more detailed than usual. ‘Shock’ was a pretty difficult choreography, but compared to ‘Soom,’ it’s nothing.”

The members revealed that they have already completed their 4th minialbum set to be released in November. Most of all, they say that they’re counting down the time to December 12th, their first ever concert.

Dongwoon expressed, “Holding a concert was the dream of every member. I’m so excited, to the point where I dream of what kind of performance I want to show. I’m anticipating our individual stages, but I want to collaborate with our members as well.”

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