B2ST to debut in Japan!

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Six-member idol group B2ST will be making their official debut in Japan on November 27th.

According to information disclosed by Cube Entertainment on October 29th, B2ST will be holding a 10,000-member audience showcase on November 27th. They will be signing under Universal Music Japan to release a new Japanese album by the beginning of next year.

B2ST will be transported by helicopter from the Haneda Airport all the way to their performance hall, much like Michael Jackson and other iconic pop musicians in the past.

A premium album and DVD set – “B2ST Japan Premium Edition” – has been scheduled to be available by November 24th.

Japan has already been showing much interest in the group. Indeed, a Japanese sports newspaper released an article titled “The Beasts of K-POP, B2ST to take over Japan on November 27th” just yesterday. This paper went on to state, “Their concert is on an extremely large scale, considering it’s a group that has yet to debut. Their music is strong unlike, their soft appearance. The charm of this group lies in their powerful performance style.”

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