U-KISS celebrates 800th day anniversary with snacks for fans

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U-KISS celebrates 800th day anniversary with snacks for fans

Male group U-KISS recently hit their 800th day anniversary since their 2008 debut with “New Generation.”

On November 5th, fans celebrated the occasion by delivering personally-prepared sandwiches and snacks to U-KISS’ waiting room at?KBS’s “Music Bank” studio.

Soohyun remarked, “It’s hard to believe that it has already been 800 days. It would’ve been nice if we had done better, so it’s a bit upsetting. However, I’m more apologetic to our fans. We haven’t done anything for them and they continually give us so much love. I’m thankful, but also sorry.”

U-KISS responded to their fans’ love by personally passing out drinks and Peperos (chocolate pocky sticks) during November 7th’s recording of?SBS’s “Inkigayo.”

Currently, the group is busy promoting their latest single, “Shut Up!” Members Kevin and Dongho are also making their acting debuts through “On Air Live” and “Villian & Widow” respectively.

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