UEE's "Birdie Buddy" Drama Moves to MBC

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Drama “Birdie Buddy“, which stars After School’s UEE, will be moved to MBC.

According to production company Group Eight, “Birdie Buddy” will be broadcast by MBC as the follow-up to their Monday/Tuesday drama, “Queen of Reversals.”

A representative stated, “‘Birdie Buddy’ has been moved to MBC as the follow-up for ‘Queen of Reversals.’ However, there’s a chance that ‘Queen of Reversals’ may be extended, so we’ve pushed the broadcast date for ‘Birdie Buddy’ to late December or early January. If everything goes according to schedule, ‘Queen of Reversals’ will end on December 21st and ‘Birdie Buddy’ can broadcast on the 27th.”

He went on to state, “The drama consists of 20 total episodes. MBC will further discussions on the number of broadcasts and other details.”

“Birdie Buddy” is a drama remake of Korea’s first golf comic, “Birdie”. UEE will portray a positive, country girl named ‘Sung Mi Su’ that becomes a rookie golfer.

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