T-ara reveal bare faces through water training on "Dream Girls"

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T-ara reveal bare faces through water training on

On a recent episode of ‘T-ara’s Dream Girls’, viewers were able to see the bare faces of the seven members while they were in the water.

During the in-water training, Jiyeon’s eye make-up had smudged all around her eyes, with even her faux eyelashes falling out. Jiyeon said, “My dark circles reach way down below my eyes, and my bangs have all divided, it looks like seaweed.”

Member Eunjung, who has always been scared of the water, had a tough time entering the water, however, eventually managed to get in and received a round of applause from the cast.

“We’ve been educating the T-ara members from the beginning, however, after completing the ‘emergency start’ exercise, it really feels like they’re ready to graduate,” said a Korean Air stewardess trainer.

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