B2ST's Doojoon’' ideal type is "All My Love" co-star Yoon Seung Ah

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B2ST's Doojoon’' ideal type is

B2ST’s Doojoon chose his MBC sitcom ‘All My Love‘ co-star Yoon Seung Ah as his ideal type.

On the November 24th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Happy Day,” the singer turned actor Doojoon revealed his feelings regarding his ‘All My Love’ co-star. During his interview, he revealed that he wants to get closer to his ideal type, Yoon Seung Ah. He said,

“Yoon Seung Ah appears to be close with Jo Kwon and Ga-In nuna, but possibly because we don’t have many scenes together and so we don’t have much time to talk to each other, we still use honorific language to one another. She told me to comfortably say, ‘Hello nuna,’ but she doesn’t do it comfortably. Maybe she doesn’t like me…We’re both busy this week, work hard, we still have much of the sitcom left. Let’s work hard and hit the jackpot.“

He also predicted his possible sitcom love-line. He said, “By the current flow of things, the chances of me having a love-line with Ga-In nuna are high.”

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