R.I.P. Blake Edwards

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R.I.P. Blake Edwards

Beloved filmmaker Blake Edwards passed away late Wednesday evening after losing a battle with a recent bout of pneumonia. His wife Julie Andrews and other family members and friends were by his bedside in hospital. He was 88.

Edwards was one of the most influential comedy filmmakers from the late 60's through to the 80's. He's best known for his work directing Peter Sellers in "The Pink Panther" film series, but also helmed films like "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "10," "Victor/Victoria" (for which he scored a Oscar nomination for the screenplay), "Days of Wine and Roses," "The Party," "The Great Race," "S.O.B.," "Skin Deep" and the TV series "Peter Gunn".

Edwards may be gone, but he leaves behind a large legacy of great films that will keep people amused and entertained for many years to come.

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