Maa Exchange: Both The Moms Emerged Winners

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‘Maa Exchange’ had the first two days quite packed up with a flurry of activity in the lives of both the families of Pooja Bedi and Anuradha Nigam who had exchanged their places in order to take a taste of the real life experiences of each other.

Pooja Bedi was quite confident throughout and very intelligently sailed through troubled situations with Rajiv Nigam and his son Yashraj quite confused as to support her or to get irritated with her. However, Pooja did manage to change the life style of the Nigams with new furnishings and maids to help around in the house, a luxury which Anuradha was quite comfortable without.

Anuradha Nigam on the other hand found herself quite at her wits end not able to adjust to the hi-fi life of the Bedis. She kept having tiffs with the maids and she even boldly told Pooja that her maid called Anita was over powering which was not a good sign. But, Pooja Bedi who had hired the services of Anita since years was very confident about her loyalty and refused to listen to Anuradha’s remarks.

The last day of the ‘Maa Exchange’ program saw both busy in their own way. Anuradha painted a big canvas for Pooja’s house with her daughter Aalia’s help and she even got some paintings of hers framed thereby making Pooja’s daughter quite happy.

Pooja too changed the complete look of Anuradha’s house and made it look like a dream house compared to the dust and filth that it was when she had first walked in.

In the end, each one walked out a winner as each mother had learnt something from the experience and each learnt to appreciate what was there in her life with greater enthusiasm. Great show!

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