Taapsee "Aadukalam" Releases During The Combo Of Pongal

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Taapsee, who is a Sikh actress with ancestral roots in Punjab, is, presently, in Chennai to advertise her debut film with co-star, Dhanush, and the movie’s director, Vetri Maaran.  She is immensely thrilled as this film of hers, Aadukalam, has struck the cinema houses this Pongal, which is a festival celebrated by the Hindu Tamils. Taapsee is eager to experience the facets of Pongal during this festive phase and commemorate it in Chennai.

Taapsee has remarked that the Punjabis commemorate Lohri with ferventness and enthusiasm. Pongal is the Tamil style of celebrating Lohri. Also, Taapsee has voiced that this Pongal/Lohri, with both festivals emerging in the same period, is ultra special for her as she will be viewing her Tamil film with the spectators.

This film of hers was recently displayed at a preview theater for the Emperor of the Tamil films, Rajinikanth.  On being queried about whether Rajinikanth enjoyed the film and her performance, Taapsee has voiced that she had welcomed him at the theater on Wednesday evening and chatted with him for some time. However, she was overawed by the majesty of his presence and could not view the film with him. She left the theater. Taapsee has verbalized that, after the film concluded, Rajinikanth witnessed her standing in a corner, approached her and uttered that she had acted competently. This praise of his transported her to heaven.

Taapsee is also in the news for repudiating a Bollywood project titled ‘Budda’ of the director, Puri Jagannath. The film has the Bollywood’s megastar, Amitabh Bachchan. However, Taapsee has voiced that her calendar is chockablock till April with no time to accommodate any fresh film. She does not desire to enter Bollywood thoughtlessly but will plan her entry soon.

Vetri premiered as a director with the critically lauded ‘Polladhavan’ in 2007. Dhanush is a playback vocalist as well as actor with commercially triumphant films such as Padikathavan, Thiruda Thirudi, etc. and critically lauded films such as Pudhupettai.

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