49 Days' Lee Yo Won Sparkling In Sure

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49 Days' Lee Yo Won Sparkling In Sure

Here’s a fashion spread with Lee Yo Won (Queen Seon-deok, The Recipe), star of the upcoming drama 49 Days. She looking so chic and polished, since most of the time she’s not very made-up for her roles. Minus the crazy ornate costumes and crowns when she was Princess Duk-man. But the preview for 49 Days shows her as a low-key, lifeless character, which I’m assuming will change drastically once her body gets inhabited by a new soul.

The production is helmed by writer-PD combo So Hyun Kyung and Jo Young Kwang (Brilliant Legacy and Prosecutor Princess), and also stars Jo Hyun Jae, Bae Soo Bin, Seo Ji Hye, and Nam Gyuri.

49 Days premieres Wednesday, March 16, following Sign on SBS.

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