"Thor: The Dark World" Gets Some Extra Filming

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"Thor: The Dark World" Gets Some Extra Filming

Appearing at the Television Critics Association this week to pimp "Two Broke Girls," actress Kat Dennings confirmed that the upcoming sequel "Thor: The Dark World" is undergoing some additional filming.

Asked about talk of her character having an increased presence in the film, Dennings says: "Yeah, yes. I mean I don't know how they edit anything, so who knows. I was careful in the first one to underplay everything in case they cut me out of it, but we're about to do some reshoots, so we'll see."

Dennings was able to film her scenes in London for the "Thor" sequel in between her filming commitments to the CBS series.

This follows in from a recent tweet by actress Jaimie Alexander (Sif) who was involved in reshoots herself: "Working late in Asgard tonight. Kinda hard to take a nap in armor lol #ForAsgard"

The film remains on track of a November 8th release.

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