Park Ki Woong Joins SBS' "Beating Hearts"

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Park Ki Woong Joins SBS' "Beating Hearts"

Park Ki Woong Joins SBS' new variety program for fall titled Beating Hearts, and has rounded up a trio of men for its pilot program: Park Ki Woong, familiar dramaland teddy bear Lee Won Jong (Mandate of Heaven, Vampire Prosecutor), and Jo Dong Hyuk (Brain, Yacha).

Beating Hearts will be a “real variety” program that’ll follow the cast as they undergo the process of becoming firefighters. The poetic explanation for the show’s title is that through this process of sacrifice and endurance, they’ll learn to make their hearts race again.

Beating Hearts will begin filming on August 13 and will premiere in September. There will be six cast members total, so they’ll be filling out the rest of the members soon.

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