Microsoft Banning XBox of "Grand Theft Auto V"?

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Microsoft Banning XBox of "Grand Theft Auto V"?

It's the most anticipated game of the year, and the most expensive ever made.

That makes it understandable that Rockstar Games was not too happy when a copy of "Grand Theft Auto V" for Xbox 360 leaked onto torrenting sites on Thursday night.

In response to the leak, Microsoft is now banning the Xbox 360 accounts of individuals who are leaking video, picture content or playing the game early on Xbox Live.

At the same time, Rockstar and Take Two Interactive are shutting down every single unauthorised video stream or photo from the game that they can find. Even "early unboxing" videos have been marked for deletion.

That hasn't stopped users from using social media to post all sorts of wild elements from the game from graphic sex scenes to mad cap violence.

You'll be able to see the madness for yourself when the game hits stores on Tuesday.

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