Here The "Twins" Sequel "Triplets'" Detail

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Here The "Twins" Sequel "Triplets'" Detail

Actor, writer and comedian Josh Gad recently participated in a Reddit AMA session where fans asked him whatever questions they wanted. One project he had been tied to in the past was that of working on the script for "Triplets," a sequel to the 1988 hit comedy "Twins".

The film would see Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito re-teaming as the world's unlikeliest of twin brothers. Having drifted apart over the years, they are brought back together when they discover they have a new brother (potentially Eddie Murphy). The idea for the project has been around for a while, and Gad was asked where it currently stands. He says:

The script is actually done. Everybody agrees that it's great. We wound up doing two drafts. Universal, I think, hit the pause button temporarily for whatever reason – internally I think they are trying to figure out if they want to do a sequel or not.

I would say if there's an outpouring of affection, that may move the needle, but I think it's on hold right now. But everybody read the script and loved it, so I hope it sees the light of day at some point. It's there and in great shape.

Asked if he would star in it, he says "most likely not... as of right now, I have no intention of being a part of it." He also says two key supporting roles in the film are the sons of the main characters, and that: "Arnold has a son that looks like Danny, and Danny has a son that looks like Arnold."

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