O'Connell & Graham Having A "Baby"

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O'Connell & Graham Having A
Jerry O'Connell, Heather Graham, John Corbett, Katie Finneran, Ian Ziering and Lara Flynn Boyle have all joined the indie romantic comedy "Baby on Board" says The Hollywood Reporter.

Brian Herzlinger's indie feature follows a happily married couple (O'Connell, Graham) whose lives and high-powered careers are thrown into chaos thanks to an unplanned pregnancy.

Corbett and Finneran play their best friends, a bitter couple whose misguided advice on parenting and marriage only makes things worse.

Flynn Boyle plays Graham's overdemanding ad agency boss. Ziering plays a gay obstetrician and Graham's confidante.

Russell Scalise and Michael Wright penned the screenplay. The five-week shoot is set to begin Tuesday in Chicago. Ferrari's Entertainment Seven has worldwide distribution rights.

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