A Bittersweet Life

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A Bittersweet Life
Korean title for this movie is Dalkomhan insaeng. A Bittersweet Life tells story about mafia and revenge. Directed by director of hits movie such as The Quiet Family, The Foul King, and A Tale of Two Sisters, Kim Jee Woon, the movie comes with the stylish, ultraviolent gangster flick. Lee Byung Hun (Joint Security Area) plays as a gang member named Sun Woo. He is the right hand of a powerful gang leader named Mr. Kang (Kim Yeong Chul). Mr. Kang ordered Sun Woo to spy on his beautiful young mistress Hee Soo, because he suspects Hee Soo has an affair with another man. The order is to spy on her and if he caught Hee Soo cheating, he has to execute her. However, when Sun Woo spies Hee Soo with her boyfriend, he makes a stunning decision, one that will have major consequences for all involved!


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